MDM platform empowers enterprises to acquire greater visibility over their entire field force team. It helps companies monitor operational processes with proactive management tools to increase employee productivity and optimize business efficiency.  Unified endpoint management helps businesses manage devices and content across different locations from one place. Providing a granular control of the entire device inventory, it allows enterprises make informed decisions to empower last-mile delivery.

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What can Devicemax do as delivery management software?


Intuitive Dashboard

Gain an overview of the entire device fleet with real-time status regarding data consumption level, compliance status, battery level etc. Manage and monitor all the devices across multiple locations from a unified platform and administer tasks in real-time.


Device Deployment

Makes the on-boarding process of new devices easy, helping new users get access to all corporate policies and SOPs the day they join. Additionally, the bulk mode helps save time and eliminates errors with a pre-defined format in place.


SOP Compliance

Monitor field force workers to ensure compliance with company’s internal policies as well as government regulations. Receive instant alerts in case of rooting attempts, geo-fencing, unauthorized access of device, etc to increase security of corporate data.


Lockdown Mode

Restricts the usage of a device by limiting it to one or small set of enterprise approved applications and prevents users from opening black-listed apps. It disables non-business applications such as gallery, camera, bluetooth, etc and bars employees to uninstall or exit from kiosk mode.



Set up a digital boundary around a physical geographical location and limit the access to corporate data when a user crosses the defined location. It provides detailed information regarding the location of corporate devices and ensures transparency in business processes.


Device Diagnostics

Remotely diagnose and troubleshoot device issues to reduce support costs and decrease equipment downtime. Monitor device battery, signal strength, memory storage information, app updates, APN, etc and get alerts in case a device crosses data-consumption thresholds.


Real-time Location

Real time visibility of all corporate devices with details including but not limited to location coordinates, last operational location, battery and connectivity status and more. Get access to historic logs related to SOP adherence, routes followed and time taken for delivery.


Corporate Data Security

Encrypt corporate data or set complex passcodes to protect confidential enterprise information. Limitations can be set on messages, file sharing access, camera and bluetooth to enhance data security. Also, It allows to remotely wipe corporate data partially or fully from a device in case it is lost or stolen.


Mobile Content Management

Push content in real-time to end-user devices such as documents, media files, e-mails, agreements, etc and enable employees access corporate data anytime anywhere. It also helps to update the content on employee-owned devices by uploading the updated version on MDM server.

Benefits of Delivery Management Software


Improved Security

Restrict messages or file sharing access on employee-owned devices to ensure security of confidential corporate data. Lock or wipe a device remotely in case it is lost or stolen. It also helps to detect rooted or jail-broken devices.


Deliver High Performance

Block the unauthorized access of devices by setting limitations on gallery, camera, bluetooth, games and more to improve employee productivity and deliver high performance. Track real-time location of employees and check when it was last operational


Optimize Operational Processes

Track real-time status of devices such as signal strength, APN, battery percentage, data limit, app updates, etc and troubleshoot device issues remotely to streamline operational processes and empower last mile delivery.


BYOD Policy

Manage every device be it corporate or employee-owned without compromising on security. Reduce OPEX while giving users the feasibility to use their own devices on a secure network while on job. Privacy policy helps in capturing device information only while employees are on duty.


Cost Saving

Limit the use of corporate devices and block non-business applications such as social media apps, gallery, camera, etc. Minimize data consumption levels and device misuse. Additionally, security settings such as containerization reduce website visits and downloads.

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