Field Force Mobility

Gain real-time visibility of entire device fleet across different locations from a unified platform to keep track of field force teams and monitor routes followed by them.

With each passing day, businesses are becoming more mobile and technology integrated, and this is changing the traditionally established workflow models of many businesses. However, there are many businesses that cannot survive without field force teams.

However, this comes with its set of challenges. It is difficult to control your field force as you are not with them physically. How do you streamline the operations that happen outside your office? How to know if they are utilizing the time and resources in the most effective way possible?

Therefore it becomes essential for businesses to focus on incorporating customized field force management software. This establishes a real-time communication channel that allows you to accommodate and utilize all the available information effectively.

Features of Enterprise Field Force Mobility

Benefits of Enterprise Field Force Mobility


Employee Productivity

Equip devices with business specific applications and block access to social media apps, games, music, video, camera, gallery, etc to increase employee productivity and deliver high performance. Track real-time location of field agents and monitor routes followed by them.


Cost Optimization

Calculate the location distance covered in a day by field agents. This can be used to compute and manage costs incurred on the field. Troubleshoot device issues remotely to reduce support costs. Block social media applications, games and other entertainment apps to reduce data consumption.


Data Security

Restrict USB, bluetooth, screen sharing functionality, copy/paste feature, file sharing access, etc to prevent employees from sharing confidential data with others. Receive instant alerts regarding unauthorized access of devices and lock or wipe a device remotely to secure corporate data.


Business Efficiency

Push content, install applications, app updates, etc remotely to devices to streamline business operations. View device screen, take screenshots and provide remote assistance to employees in need of technical support to reduce equipment downtime. Monitor device health status and send alerts in case defined threshold levels are met.


BYOD Support

Create a separate work profile on employee-owned devices completely dedicated to business files and applications. Restrict data flow from in and outside the work container to prevent employees from sharing corporate information with others. Delete enterprise data with partial data wipe feature in case an employee leaves the organization.

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