Push Content on
Real-time Basis

Publish corporate data remotely on devices and empower users to access enterprise documents residing in a variety of content repositories. Restrict file sharing access and encrypt corporate information to prevent users from sharing data with others. Automate application installation when new devices are deployed into existing or new groups.

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Features of Push Content on Real-time Basis


Upload Content Remotely

Copy business files in different folders and upload them remotely to one or more devices. Push content on devices in real-time such as agreements, e-mails, documents, media files, policies, and more to boost mobility in business. It enables employees to easily access enterprise documents lying in a range of content repositories.


Content Encryption

Encrypt corporate data present in devices so that it is rendered unreadable to unauthorized users. It can be decrypted only by an approved person, thus it helps increase security of data in case a device goes missing. End to end encryption makes business information private while sending or downloading data.


Ease of Access

Update content on devices by uploading an updated version on MDM server. Push content instantly to devices in real-time to enable ease of access and enhance employee productivity. Delete data from devices in case of non-compliance with business policies or in event of un-enrolling an employee device.


Save Time

No need to manually download files or applications on each device. Install apps automatically when new devices are enrolled in existing or new groups. Generate and publish files of any size, business policies, applications, configurations, and more to devices. It helps to eliminate errors, ensure compliance and increase security of corporate data.


Install or Uninstall Apps Remotely

Install safe and relevant applications on devices remotely without end user intervention to enable employees access business apps on their devices easily. Distribute apps to devices and gain control over application wise data usage. Installation and uninstallation of any application can be done remotely either for individual or bulk devices.


Remote Lock or Wipe

Lock devices remotely with strong passcodes to prevent data leakage in case of a security breach or if a device goes missing. Device lock pin can be reset without any hassles if an employee forgets it or wants to update. Data can also be wiped partially or fully from a device to delete enterprise related information and enhance security.



Keep corporate data and applications secure by putting them in a virtual container. Block screen capture functionality and prohibit data flow from in and outside the container to restrict users from copying content. Business related content and applications will only be accessible through work container to ensure security of corporate data.


Content Security

Block unauthorized access of devices and disable file sharing access, camera, messages, etc to prevent users from sharing sensitive enterprise data with others. Block USB and restrict access to unauthorized SIM cards to increase security of corporate information. A notification policy can be set up to get alerts when a rule is broken.


Publish Contacts Remotely

Manage corporate contacts and communications from one place and remotely publish them to one or more devices as per business needs. Whitelist or blacklist contacts according to business requirements to ensure secure use of enterprise SIM cards. Also, this feature does not change or overwrite existing contacts in employee-owned devices.

How does it work?


Transfer Files

Transfer corporate files such as documents, presentations, changes in policies, schedules, e-mails, media files, agreements, reports and more, of any size, to different folders.


Distribute Remotely

Distribute files and folders remotely to one or more devices and enable end users to access enterprise data easily. Works at hierarchy level for selected users as well.


Manage Content

Send relevant content to respective team members. Delete files remotely which are no longer needed by users. Update content on devices by uploading the new version on MDM server.

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