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Mobile devices are now being used in retail stores for mobility, ease of use and better customer experience. Kiosks for self-service, Mobile Point of Sale (mPOS) for easy checkout, inventory and customer relationship management are few of the areas where these devices play a major role.

Adoption of MDM solutions in retail ensures a secure platform where you can remotely control all the devices. It protects corporate data against unauthorized access. It makes the team more efficient to handle customers by providing customized solutions to them.

Benefits of using MDM solutions in retail are:

Unified retail experience through master data

Data when stored in silos can negatively impact the business. Unified data represents that all channels in the business are working together and are on the same page. This helps to give the customer a personalized experience where they feel heard and cared for, enhancing marketing effectiveness.

Tracking inventory across different channels

Centralize product information and integrate different solutions to support multiple business channels. It reduces data duplication and errors. When a seasoned customer wants an exclusive product, you can customize your search by looking at different inventories located at different places from a single screen.

Increase cross-selling and up-selling

MDM brings data from different sources like Customer Relationship Management(CRM) and Enterprise Resource Management(ERP) systems so that you can leverage their business by getting new insights from the master data. Customer spend can be maximized by providing relevant offers and services.

Reducing return of products from stores/online

MDM system guarantees data consistency. When a retailer combines the data like customer requirement, geo-location details and route planning, the right product can reach the right customer in right time and in right quantity. This minimizes the risk of return back to fulfilment centers or stores.

More use cases

Enterprise MDM

Improve the productivity and efficiency of your workplace with enterprise MDM by DeviceMax. With multiple features, like options to restrict the use of corporate resources, to partially or fully erase data remotely, and to track the connected devices, you can ensure the compliance of your workforce and secure your data in the best way possible. The added remote troubleshooting and diagnostics option allows you to reduce agent involvement, for an immaculate work environment.

Field Force Mobility Soutions

DeviceMax’s Field Force Mobility Solutions is an integrated system that helps increase sales productivity and much more. It helps you to manage and co-ordinate on field devices effectively and efficiently. With real-time location tracking and geo-fencing, get live updates about all the connected devices and monitor and track their usage in and out of stipulated co-ordinates. Additionally, secure your data with remote lock and wipe, and by restricting the use of unauthorised applications by employees, and pave your way to a flawless organisational system.

MDM for Logistics

Organisation and coordination in logistics management is a challenge and DeviceMax MDM allows you to reduce and eliminate the bottlenecks in the process. With the location tracking and geo-fencing options, track and restrict the usage of devices within pre-defined geographical boundaries. Prevent access of unauthorised applications and monitor the corporate app deployment and prevent changes to system settings to control the use of corporate resources, all remotely from an admin control dashboard.

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