Device Self-care

Smart devices are complex enough, however, a device self care tool offers a needed check up of a smartphone and helps users in troubleshooting issues to maximize the use of their device. With the help of a device self care tool, customers can easily check their handsets for possible issues and get optimization tips for a smarter device life.

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Benefits of device self-care component

One click detection

The device self care tool provides full detection coverage including system performance, calls, charging, hardware, software, network connection and more. It enables to identify and troubleshoot technical issues related to devices and empowers customers to personalize their mobile experience right from their phones without any need for customer service intervention.



Offer customers insights into device health and provide them with a proactive and intuitive device self care service to resolve common issues and increase CX. Conduct diagnostic checks on all aspects of a device’s functionality and provide customers with a detailed test report of their handset as well as optimization tips to improve device lifecycle.


Hardware and Software Diagnostics

In this digital era, having a mobile phone with issues impacts a person’s day to day activities as well as creates a bad experience. Therefore, device self care tool helps customers to check if device components such as phone’s processor, storage, display are working at optimal levels. It also helps to check and install software updates.


Device Optimization

With a device self care tool, customers are provided with real time device specific guidance to better device usage and increase its efficiency. From retrieving the details of a smartphone to checking the apps that are draining the device battery level, device self care tool does it all for the customers to provide them with a better user experience. For instance - it helps to analyze battery usage for GPS, network, sensors, CPU, etc, and also provides the details of the apps that are draining the device battery faster.


Reduce OPEX by Deflecting Support Calls With Effective Device Self Care

Calling a support agent and waiting for long to get queries resolved costs more, however, with device self care tool, customers can receive insights into device behavior, identify issues and fix them without customer service intervention, thus deflecting call volume and reducing operational expenses. It helps to resolve issues in a few clicks without any hassles and offers better and quicker service to users, consequently, increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.


Our Solutions


Device Diagnostics

We provide you solutions that assist in self diagnosing device issues and provide users with correct troubleshooting steps needed to resolve them. Device diagnostics tool helps conduct a scan on devices and then highlights what’s wrong with the device, after which it provides customers with enough data to point them in the right direction.

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Mobile Device Management Solution

Mobile Device Management Solution for telecom operators helps to detect new devices over the network and authenticate them with right settings over the air (OTA) for a seamless onboarding experience. Create custom campaigns using device intelligence to send curated messaging enhance data ARPU.

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Simplifying Device Concerns

We have one of the largest repositories of device picture in the world with 40+ scenarios for each device. This telecom ready device & support guides can be published across your website, self-care app, contact centers to help agents as well as customers in scenarios related to device setup and troubleshooting thus making sure that subscribers unleash the potential of devices leading to higher Data ARPUs.

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Solutions for Unbranded Devices

There are a number of manufacturers out there bringing new phones or tablets into the market. However, there’s no need to worry if your customer uses a phone from an unrecognized brand. Our device management solution is also suitable for subscribers who use unbranded devices. Just one time menu identification of these devices helps in troubleshooting issues.

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