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Many companies have embraced Mobile POS (Point-of-Sale) systems to enhance their customer experience. During periods of high sales & order volume in various e-commerce, retail, restaurant, and hotel businesses, Android mPOS systems help accelerating checkouts while providing a welcome user experience. E-commerce field forces use them to receive card payments on product delivery, ensuring convenience for their customers. The increasing adoption of Android mPOS systems has an array of benefits laid underneath. The most recognized among them are cost savings, mobility, remote access and convenient feature updates. As per a press release by Visa, mPOS systems are expected to reach 38 million in number this year. However, benefits of Android mPOS systems have a number of security concerns that call for effective POS device management. Let’s find them out and their solution.

Transaction data security

Typically, mPOS systems accept a credit/debit card for payments. Although, encryption of credit card data ensures security, however, this alone is not reliable. Implementing mPOS brings along some security concerns as mobile devices have a lot more to do than just taking payments. Their numerous uses, multiple users, mobility, and possibility of getting stolen can expose sensitive transaction data to wrong hands. An MDM solution effectively addresses such concerns.

Password Security

The next thing that comes as a threat is the use of a common password for all POS systems of a company. Brute force attacks can enumerate a password while someone is typing it. Once the attackers are able to crack it, they soon begin extracting credit card information. MDM ensures protection against this by enforcing password security policy and restricting unauthorized installation of a malicious app. It configures the number of incorrect password attempts. Once that the specified limit is crossed, it wipes the data on device.

Multiple users

We have discussed about multiple uses and users of Android mPOS devices above. This comes across as a potential threat in the form of unnecessary use of device functions, installation of unauthorized applications, which can be prevented through an MDM solution.

Primarily, ensuring that their mPOS systems never fall into wrong hands is the responsibility of companies that own them. However, this seems unfeasible without an effective technological measure. MDM helps manage Android devices limiting them only to what’s necessary to use. It gives access to features like device lockdown, silent app installation/uninstallation, remote app update, location tracking, Geo fencing, etc. ensuring that mPOS device use does not go beyond their intended purpose. DeviceMax’s award-winning MDM solution offers comprehensive set of features and benefits for efficient mPOS management. Get in touch with us to discover more.

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