MDM software: Manage, Monitor & Secure entire device fleet

Devicemax mobile device management or MDM solution helps to gain real-time visibility over entire device inventory, proactively detect issues and avert risks to enhance overall performance.

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What is mobile device management?

MDM or mobile device management is a security software that provides enterprises with adequate visibility and manageability to secure enrolled devices.

With increased adoption of smartphones in day-to-day business activities and the continued proliferation of these devices, businesses have raised concerns around corporate data security. Moreover, as businesses are embracing BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy, it has become even more important to secure corporate resources and prevent data leakage. Therefore, MDM software helps enterprises manage, monitor, and secure corporate as well as employee-owned devices to ensure security of corporate network while offering employees the ease to use their personal devices.

Evolution of MDM software

As organizations across the world are embracing mobile technology to enhance workforce productivity, the task to secure business resources accessed through these devices has become difficult for companies. Each and every device used in the enterprise represents a potentially vulnerable endpoint, thus posing a security threat to confidential corporate data. This is where the field of mobile device management evolved. MDM software provides employees the ease to access corporate data anytime anywhere without compromising on security. It empowers organizations to monitor employee activity and detect compliance violations to secure business data.

Features of mobile device management

Quick Enrolment of Devices

MDM solution helps to deploy multiple devices instantly, over the air (OTA) through an automated process. Load devices with corporate apps, policies, and configurations in bulk without manually maneuvering each device.

Kiosk Mode

Lockdown all the managed devices into kiosk mode to run a single or multiple business-specific applications. It restricts devices for business use and prevents distractions, therefore improving workforce productivity and streamlining operational processes.

Mobile Browsing Management

MDM solution offers access to allowed websites only. Blacklist or whitelist specific websites and increase security by restricting unwanted content. A separate browser will be installed along with the MDM app and rest the browsers get blocked once the policy is enforced.

Location Tracking

Keep track of corporate assets and check real-time device location with the help of a mobile device management solution. View complete device location history as well as access GPS coordinates and physical addresses on the embedded google map.


Set up a virtual fence around a physical geographical location to ensure usage of business resources restricted to configured boundaries. Gain actionable insights about corporate resources based on their location and receive instant notifications about geofence breach.

Monitor Device Health

Remotely monitor device health status and retrieve device details including battery level, signal strength, device storage, app updates, APN, data limit, and more. Optionally, alerts can be sent in case defined threshold levels are met.

Application Management

Push corporate apps or app updates remotely to managed devices without end-user intervention to keep devices up-to-date. Keep a check on the app versions installed on devices and the last updated date. With the help of MDM solution, administrators can also uninstall unauthorized apps from devices remotely and keep corporate data secure.

Content Management

Securely distribute business files, documents, presentations, videos, etc to managed devices and empower users with streamlined access to corporate resources anytime anywhere. Delete files remotely or encrypt them to secure business data.

Remote Troubleshooting

Be it technical glitches, cranky networks, or software errors, MDM solution assists admin to remotely view device screen and fix issues right then, right there. Providing remote assistance to employees, it helps businesses to minimize device downtime and save on-site troubleshooting costs.

Application Containerization

Encapsulate corporate data in a separate work container on BYOD devices to increase security of business resources. Encrypt work containers and restrict data flow from in and outside the container to prevent data leakage.

Intuitive Dashboard

The central dashboard of MDM platform provides granular control over entire device inventory and helps enterprises make effective decisions to strengthen business performance. Gain real-time visibility into complete device inventory and retrieve details such as battery status, device location on map, compliance-violation data, enrolment status, and more.

Contacts Management

Manage and publish business contacts from one place to a single or multiple devices. Whitelist or blacklist contacts as per business requirements to ensure wise usage of corporate SIM cards.

Block Data Sharing

Restrict employees from sharing data by disabling USB, Bluetooth, screenshot feature, copy/paste, messages, file-sharing access, etc. Restrict data flow from work apps to personal apps to prevent data leakage.

Remote Lock or Wipe

Block data access remotely by locking or wiping the device remotely in case of a security breach or if a device goes missing. Full data wipe allows deleting all the files and folders from a device, therefore, rendering it as a formatted device whereas selective data wipe allows selection of folders from device storage to delete data. For instance – a selective data wipe can be performed on employee-owned devices to delete only corporate data.

Reports & Alerts

MDM solution enables businesses to set up a notification policy to get alerts on data usage, rooting attempts, battery level, location-based alerts, unauthorized access of devices and more. It also helps to get details about compliance status of all enrolled devices in the form of comprehensive reports. The admin can retrieve reports regarding device info, location history, data consumption, SMS, call log, etc.

Rights Management

MDM solution allows administrators to create user levels and provide read or execution rights as per operator policy. Admin can manage all devices whereas other users can configure the dashboard based on the defined roles.

Branding Support

Take branding one step ahead by customizing kiosk mode with business logo, values, advertisements, etc and have it as a wallpaper on locked screen. It creates a customized enterprise experience and offers employees a sense of identity.

Benefits of MDM solution

Reduce OPEX

Track data usage on all the managed devices and get notified if it exceeds the defined threshold limit. Reduce data consumption by disabling non-business applications, data roaming, tethering and more. Provide remote assistance to employees to troubleshoot device issues and reduce support costs. Furthermore, adopting BYOD policy helps businesses save on employee device costs.

Improve Workforce Productivity

The quick enrolment process of new devices helps to save time and empowers employees to use their devices right away with already configured policies and apps. Enforce lockdown mode to restrict devices for business use to prevent distractions and increase workforce productivity. Fix device issues remotely to minimize device downtime.

Increase Security

MDM solution helps establish robust security policies to prevent data leakage. It enables IT admin to lock or wipe a device remotely if it goes missing to secure corporate data. Track real-time location of employees and restrict usage of business resources in case of a geofence breach. Establish a secure work container on BYOD devices to enhance corporate data security. Prevent users from sharing confidential enterprise data with others by disabling USB, messages, copy/paste feature, screen capture functionality, file-sharing access and more.

Monitor SOP Adherence

Conduct real-time compliance checks to detect violations. Receive instant alerts regarding rooting or jailbreaking attempts, geofence breach, data usage, device battery level, unauthorized access of devices, etc, and make informed decisions to secure corporate data.

Enhance Business Efficiency

View device screen live, take screenshots, push files, and install apps or app updates remotely to streamline operational processes. Offer remote assistance to employees in need of technical support to minimize device downtime and increase business viability.

BYOD Support

Mobile device management solution helps enterprises manage all the devices be it corporate or employee-owned. Being familiar with personal devices helps to improve productivity as employees can use them more efficiently and effectively. Also, a dedicated work container is created on BYOD devices to keep business resources separate from personal data and the admin can only manage the work profile leaving personal data untouched.

Secure Backup

MDM also provides complete backup and flexible recovery and stores details from all managed devices such as business files, location history, SMS, call logs, etc. It helps support business continuity measures and restores device details whenever required.

Threat Management

Keep track of system security updates, OS versions, system parameters, etc. Configure Wi-Fi and VPN settings remotely to avoid connections to malicious networks. Track installed applications on devices and delete the apps that show risky behavior. Disable unknown sources option to restrict third party application installation.

Operating systems MDM supports

MDM for Android

Deploying an Android mobile device management solution empowers enterprises to control and secure corporate as well as employee-owned Android devices. It provides organizations a unified platform to manage all the Android device management tasks and offers them real-time visibility into the entire Android device fleet.

MDM for iOS

Leverage iOS device management software and empower your IT team to securely manage and monitor all the iOS devices across different locations from central web admin console. Gain granular control of all the iOS devices and retrieve details such as device status, network usage, installed apps, location history, and more.

Devices MDM Supports

MDM for Mobiles

With increasing number of people using smartphones at work, be it company or personally-owned, it has become a necessity to secure corporate data accessed by employees through these devices. Therefore, mobile device management enables organizations to manage, monitor and secure all the mobile devices used in the enterprise to access business resources. It provides robust insights of all the managed devices to identify violations and enhance security of data.

MDM for Tablets

Devicemax MDM also helps enterprises to securely manage tablets used in the workplace. It pulls valuable data from devices and enables organizations to gain better visibility. With mobile device management solution in place, companies can manage entire device lifecycle including device inventory, configuration management, etc.

MDM for mPOS

Devicemax MDM also empowers retailers to manage mPOS devices. The kiosk mode allows stores to lock the devices into a single mPOS application or multiple business-specific applications to secure confidential data as well as to increase employee productivity. Furthermore, the IT admin can gain granular control of all the mPOS devices from a unified console and ensure security of corporate resources.

MDM for Rugged Devices

Effectively manage rugged devices across different locations from the central web admin console and empower your workforce with streamlined access to business applications, files, and other resources. View device screen remotely, take screenshots, push app updates, files, and provide remote assistance to employees in need of technical support.

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